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   Wicked Publishing extends to authors the opportunity to submit their novels. Keep in mind, our guidelines limit the prospect of wasted effort by both parties. Below you will find Wicked’s instructions for the submission of manuscripts. Please comply with these requirements before submitting any manuscript. If you do not follow these guidelines, your manuscript will be returned unread and we will ask for it to be reworked then resubmitted. Manuscripts sent to multiple publishers will be rejected. Fictional storylines only—the genre is unlimited. Prose and poetry are welcome for submission. No pornographic material, which does not extend to erotica. If you are unsure about the material content, please email Wicked  for consultation.

  Manuscripts must reflect the best work of the author. Poor editing will severely diminish the prospect of the submitted manuscript going forward. The size of your document is not as important as the quality. We publish books of all sizes and there is no set size for the number of pages, or word count
   Submit the completed manuscript electronically. Please include the following: A one-page plot summary including a working title, the genre, and the word count. Complete author biography, and synopsis for the back of the book. Include author information: Name, mailing address, and email address. Include any previous publications, including free to public forums on the internet. Advise us if the manuscript was published previously. If so, let us know the status of the manuscript with the previous publisher.
    General Editing Requirements Page set-up: House edit rules supersede all others. These include the use of serial commas and all thoughts and emphasized words are in italics.

    When submitting: Font is to be in Times New Roman. Font size: 12pt. Please do not add a space between paragraphs! 1.5 line spacing. There must only be one space between sentences. 
    Do Not use the tab to indent your paragraphs. All scene breaks must have some sort of symbol to separate the scenes. Clearly indicate chapters, and the manuscript must have already been submitted and corrected by Beta Readers.

 Submission Timeline:

  On submission of your manuscript, or any communication with Wicked, you will receive an acknowledgment of that communication. If you do not receive a return email within two days, please email to ask why. We will not be offended, for we understand that emails do from time to time get lost in the system. If your manuscript is of interest, we will notify you within sixty days.  

  Email document, to   Wicked Publishing . Please add in the subject box, Book Submission.

About Us

Thank you for visiting our site.

    Wicked Publishing joins the growing trend of companies in publishing works of lesbian
literature/LGBT and mainstream fiction in the evolving market of books and electronic media (eBooks). Our company is
committed to produce quality, affordable works of fictional literature. Wicked Publishing is
wholly owned by authors and the content of works will reflect their collective writing vision.

    Our intention is to create a company that authors will have control over their
works from the inception of the first word written to the finished product  before it's available to the reading

    Our mission is to make the purchase of books and eBooks simple and economical.
As we grow, we hope to bring our readers a wide variety of books and eBooks for
their own personal reading enjoyment.

    Go to the book tab and add to your cart when you are ready to check out and select
which format you'd like. If we don't have an eBook format that you need, please let us know

and we will do our best to meet your needs.

    At Wicked Publishing, we will always respond to our reader's concerns in a timely manner.
We understand that communication is the key to any successful business.


Wicked Publishing US LTD We encompass the future of the written word-Join us!


Wicked Publishing became a creation on January 7th 2016. Dawn Carter and Shiralyn J. Lee are the co-founders.
Wicked Publishing’s mission is to offer a publishing service where authors feel comfortable to hand over their works in good faith.
We are a brand of talented authors, artists, publicist, and editors.
Dawn Carter is in charge of administrations, publicity advertising, proofreading, and submissions.
Shiralyn J. Lee is in charge of cover art illustrations, proofreading, formatting, and submissions.

           Co-owner and Publisher

    Originally from England, Dawn now lives in Texas with her two children. Dawn finds the relaxed atmosphere a wonderful place to pursue her love of writing.          
   When she is not working on a new novel, or creating the plot for her next book, she is gardening, cooking, reading, and volunteering her time as a Paralegal for Legal Aid and running the group she created on Facebook, called Lesbian Book Readers Club. Her interests in writing include poetry, short stories, novels, and journalistic feature writing.  

                 Co-owner and Publisher

    Shiralyn grew up in a small village in England. It was during her childhood that she realized her love for the written word.
    As an adult, she met and married her wife Janice, where they now live in the province of BC in Canada. This is where she wrote her first novel, Loving the Pink Kiss. Her inspiration came to her from the instant she met Janice.
    When Shiralyn is not writing, or spending quality time with her wife, she creates book illustrations and assists authors who wish to self-publish under her business name, girl4girl Publications.

  Editor, Adrian Smith

Adrian J. Smith has been editing professionally since 2012 and loves to breathe new life into stories already created. She works hard to bring better comprehension and reading ability to a piece that already has the beauty of a great story created. Adrian is also an author of lesbian fiction, genre-hopping with the best of them. 

Editor,Margaret Martin

Margaret wrote her first story nestled in her parent’s closet at about the age of 12. However, it wasn’t until a couple of decades later that she found her way back to her love of writing. She now holds a Master of Arts degree in English and was born to edit…with intensity, hence her nickname–The Intensitor. Her alter ego, Riley Adair Garret, is the author of Andi Unwrapped and co-author of Murder at the Con. Her alter-alter ego, Cricket Watson, won a 2016 Golden Crown Literary Award for her young adult, coming out mystery, Missing Mary (the first of a planned Jr. FBI Series). She also plans on having an alter-alter-alter ego who writes strictly erotica. Stay tuned…a

Alyson Pender

"Alyson Pender lives in a small town in middle Tennessee with her three dogs and her Kindle. When she isn't reading, she's writing under her pen name JS Bennett, and when she isn't writing, she's editing speculative and lesbian fiction. She has a keen interest in history, gaming, and language. She studied history and mass communications in college. In her spare time, she trawls the internet, keeps the peace between her fur babies, and steadily works her way through twenty years of Midsomer Murders episodes."​​
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