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       Hero Within 
Lieutenant Colonel Jackie Holmes and her fiancée, Carrie Spencer, have settled into life with each other and their children. The only black cloud settling over them is the trial for Carrie’s former girlfriend. Neither of them is willing to let their fear of seeing Toni overtake them. Once the court case is over, they’ll never have to see her again.

However, things rarely go to plan where Jackie and Carrie are concerned.

They once again find themselves fighting for their family. An unlikely hero emerges to help them with the battle for the right to live in peace. Will they be able to beat the evil planning their demise and live happily ever after?

Catherine Anne Matson, Cam to her friends, has returned to her Tennessee home after learning her grandfather is dying. When she arrives, he provides her with information on the one man she’s never met…her father. Cam’s return home uncovers more than she bargained for. 
Distraught and alone, she rekindles an old friendship with Savanna Collins, an old school flame, who in the end, offers her more than friendship.

     The Awakening

When you combine a powerful immortal witch with an immortal warrior of the Gods in holy matrimony, you develop an indestructible team. 
Nira who was once a vampire made a pact with the Gods to fight the evil, and in return, she would regain her humanity and become an immortal warrior for the Gods. 
Stephanie, who had just come into her powers, teamed up with Nira to destroy the chaos that reigned terror upon the streets. As promised the Gods bestowed immortality upon her. 
Nira, along with her life partner Stephanie, had fought hard for centuries to keep the evils of the world abet. Coming full circle, history repeats itself, vengeance being the end game. 
Pitted against time itself, they fervently search for the sources of evil. What they find in the darkness could destroy all hope for the future.

     To mend a broken heart after losing her wife to cancer, Doctor Helen Kennedy decides to get her life back on track, starting with a vacation on the Isle of Rhodes. Her last intention was to have her life turned around when she meets solicitor, Kathy Harland. A holiday romance soon develops, but once back in England, past haunts resurface, causing both women to question whether they’re prepared to continue their relationship. 
    With both women not letting their guards down, deep secrets remain the foundation of their future. Now the question is, can they survive the very thing that threatens to destroy them?


    Helen has approached a new milestone in her life and found that she’s arrived at what she considers to be a crossroads. Her life has plotted a path she no longer recognizes and left her wondering just exactly what happened. As a mother, and wife of twenty-plus years, she’s a successful writer, whose been forced to acknowledge long buried memories have become part of her present. 
    When she realizes that the life she’s been living is inadequate, she’s no longer comfortable sacrificing who she is for what she thought she wanted. 
In the end, she must choose the best road…but which one is it?

Absolute Betrayal
    Successful business woman, Stella Williams couldn’t ask for anything more in life after marrying her girlfriend Jennifer, who was about to give birth to their baby. But as quickly as life had dealt her the winning hand, it rapidly chose to tear her world apart.
    While dealing with emotional loss, she is forced into parenthood alone, and spends the next few years struggling with her new identity as a single working mother. But when she discovers a legal document that had been hidden away from her, she soon realizes how her empire is on the verge of new threats

A Wicked Kind of Love:  Anthology

Love pulls you in different directions, sex opens your mind to other possibilities, romance warms your heart, and the unknown keeps you guessing. Five different stories by five different authors, equals, five romances that you will fall in love with.

Marine: Outside the Wire

Lance Corporal Lara Grayson, or Gray to her brothers, has been stationed at a base camp in Jelawur, Afghanistan. She’s a dog handler, her partner, a German Shepard named Zabba, tracks down Taliban insurgent fighters and IEDs. They take daily patrols, and when engaged in a firefight, they’re usually short lived. But not everyone on either side will come out alive. 
Tabatha Steel, a war reporter has been captured by the Taliban, and when the patrol rescue her and her cameraman, tension builds. 
Their mission is to ruin the enemy maneuvering from place to place and setting up IEDs and to catch them in the act, and to establish friendships with the locals. So far, Alpha Company have managed to stay safe, but even with the coalition’s presence, there’s still a lot of work to do.


​  An entanglement of lies and deceit. 

A fractured relationship is just the beginning of the unfolding nightmare, and the biggest mystery is yet to come. Caught between love and suspicion, a trip to Provincetown should have been a fresh start for Jamie and Casey, but can they really start over again, when both are swept into a world of dangerous games?
As truths unfold, personalities deceive those who don’t suspect.
This is a thrilling story that will make you rethink your social media friends.​  


Experiencing a reoccurring dream, Spencer Avery, a rational thinker, questions whether love can transcend the test of time.
Constantly plagued by the vision of the same woman, someone who seems so real, she finds herself falling in love with her. With her heart ruling her head, Spencer sets out to find answers, and what she discovers when she travels across the Pacific Ocean will change her life forever

Clicking Stones

Why do some people see the brilliance, and gain energy from two stones when clicked together?

A mysterious old woman knows the answer and gave seven-year-old Erica a clicking stone, which would forever change her journey in life, and throughout the years, love transcends the test of time between Erica and Morgan—a love of extraordinary intensity and eroticism, and finally, of the passing of time itself.

Piece by Piece

There’s no stronger word than LOVE. But to have that unexpectedly ripped away, leaves a feeling of being lost in a world erased. Piece by piece, a life can be destroyed,
and piece by piece, it can be put back together.
    Safety Transportation Investigator, Ashia Woodruff, and her girlfriend Jodie Wessen have separate flights booked from Vancouver, Canada, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jodie, whose Brazilian mother and half-sister, Pietra, live in Rio, is to attend a dress fitting for Pietra’s wedding, while Ashia still has a few loose ends to finish off on a recent case she’s been working on. Their flights are only a day apart, so Ashia drops Jodie off at the airport, before she heads to the office. When Ashia doesn’t receive the expected phone call to say Jodie had landed safely, she wasn’t too concerned at first, as she knew Jodie would probably be caught up in deep conversation with her mother and sister. But when co-worker Adam Ellis receives a call from his boss to say the flight had crashed somewhere in the Tijuca rain forest, Ashia is forced to endure a mentally torturous journey to find out if Jodie has survived the crash.
    This story begins with the emotional turmoil a couple apart and without contact would go through, but then develops into the investigation of the crash, as they try to figure out how the plane went down, and why.

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     Now in her mid-forties, Cricket has found herself existing with the unexpected loss of her long-time lover Gerry. With the support of her circle of friends and the love of her Bernese Dog, Monkey, she continues to live, breathe, and hope for the emptiness to fade. Resigned to believing the hurt will stay, an unforeseen possibility of a new love interest breezes into her life through meeting new friends.
     Can Cricket lower her guard and allow another person into her heart, or will she push them away and forever struggle with the constant heartbreak?
​     A touching story that portrays everyday struggles with unpredictable scenarios.


Major Jackie Holmes is a career soldier with nearly twenty-one years of service under her. Returning home from Afghanistan injured makes her evaluate her life. After her husband’s strange behaviour, she realises the only people in her life she can count on to help with her recovery are er twins, her parents, and all the medical teams she finds herself surrounded with. Could a chance encounter with an old school friend turn her life around?
    As a physiotherapist at a military rehabilitation centre, Carrie Spencer treats all kinds of people and injuries. She just didn’t ever consider running into an old school friend, and end up treating her.
   In the midst of an abusive relationship, Carrie is struggling to decide how she needs to act to safeguard herself and her boys, Charlie and Richard. Jackie is her bright light in a dark place, and Carrie begins to rely on her friend more and more as she comes to terms with what she must do.
    Everything comes to a head at a party held at Jackie’s house…the only question is—Will Carrie do the right thing and turn her back on her relationship, or will she follow her lover and suffer with more of her abuse?  When a friendship turns to more and two hearts beat as one, is it possible for that bond to be torn apart?

          PAIGE BLUE

    Paige Bleu—an investigating agent, who tracks down dangerous
criminals with the help of her partner, Emily. After undergoing a six-month
leave from work, due to a gunshot wound and severe injuries,
Paige is ready to go back on the job. Her first case hits home, as she
finds herself connecting with the victim of a sexual predator.
    Can she and her partner track down the perpetrator and save another girl from the hands of this madman? Throughout the six instalments, with the help
of Rosa, an ex-girlfriend, Paige’s relationship with long-term girlfriend Kate,
hits many highs and lows.


   A year into WW11 Alice Bennet had found herself—under the alias
of her deceased brother’s name, reporting for The Readers Telegraph,
on the effects of the war, glamorising her words to perfection before
submitting them. Led to believe that her brother was a soldier and killed
on duty overseas, she is faced with a new truth—that he was a secret spy.
    After being convinced to join the same cause that he was in, Alice is shipped
off to Canada, where she endures rigorous specialised training in a military
secret operations camp, to become a spy herself but somewhere in the mix,
Vera Bradshaw manages to do more than train her.

       A Wartime Love

    Set in England, during World War Two, this romantic drama will draw
you into the lives of Stella Baxter and Ruth Arnold. The two women meet
in an underground station, whilst waiting out an air-raid strike in the early
stages of the Blitz over London. A strong friendship evolves between
them—one that eventually turns romantic. But Ruth is a married woman—her
husband is overseas, in Germany, fighting for his King and country.
    Can a lesbian affair survive not only the tumultuous conditions that an entire nation faces but also, see itself through the fact that Ruth has a husband, willing to die for her freedom?

      Murder by Proxy

    Suspicious deaths were cropping up all over the city. What seemed
like random killings had started to form a much darker and devious plan.
    Special Agent Danni Pacelli and Special Agent Parker Stevens have once
again teamed up to catch the serial killer.  The case which had gone cold and
dormant for seven years is now again active and the body count is increasing. 
    Hidden secrets had caused a rift between the successful duo. Diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, Stevens didn’t want anyone to know. Instead, she continued to work within the agency but gave up the thrill of the chase.  Each day was a challenge as the progressing disease crippled the once athletic and fit agent, and now she was faced with a case she could not ignore. The body count was adding up.

      Forever Yours

    Love knows no boundaries, something Taylor Fields discovered after her girlfriend died in a motorcycle accident.  Unbeknown to Taylor, her true love had never left.  In spirit, Raven Compton continued to stand by her side in death as she had in life. ‘Forever Yours,’ was Raven’s last words, and she meant it.
    Raven had no idea that remaining by Taylor’s side, she would eventually
share her with another.  An angry jealous spirit, with building powers, offers
for eventful nights.
    In the end, Raven is faced with the questions. Should she continue to
​haunt her beloved, or give her the greatest gift of letting her go to find love again?