Between stints as a lion tamer and exotic dancer, LA Parker earned a degree in Art History from the University of Delaware.
    After a harrowing experience excavating ancient ruins along the Amazon, she earned a second degree in Computer Science from East Carolina University.
    Dabbling in the art of lying for fun and profit, she has published three works of fiction: Against the Grain, Stella's Sheets and Society of Benevolent Strangers.
    Settling for a quieter life, LA is currently residing in North Carolina where she is happily dreaming up more fantastical and phenomenal lies for your entertainment. 
Elle Hyden

    Elle Hyden was born and raised in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  It fostered her adventurous spirit and respect for the land that has been in her family for generations.  She attended The University of Texas at Austin where she had so many interests it was hard to pick a major, but finally settled on Business and Accounting.  She later went on to serve in the US Navy with her specialty being Aviation Electronics.  
    Her many hobbies and activities include spelunking, rock hunting, baking and working with animal rescue organizations. She’s been an avid reader from a young age and started writing after she retired two years ago.  She hopes to weave many of her life experiences into stories that will resonate with her love of the written word.

Aliyat Lecky

Aliyat grew up in Oakland, CA, the sixth of seven siblings raised by a single mother. She received a BA in Ethnic Studies from Sonoma State University, in CA. Additionally, she earned a MA in Curriculum & Instruction, and an EdS in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota (where she discovered the value and power of personal narratives). Currently she resides in Florida where she enjoys spending time with family and friends and continues to work on other writing projects. She is an English teacher who has enjoyed 20+ years working in education. While she has found that she truly enjoys this fulfilling work, her passion has always been, and will continue to be, creating fiction. Finding meaning in and examining women issues through narrative is a satisfying endeavor, and composing prose that reflects stimulating ideas is something that resonates with her entirely. Aliyat has an interesting perspective on life, especially concerning women’s topics and has many provocative ideas to share. She writes in the tradition of Women’s fiction, with a contemporary appeal.
H.L. Taylor

Heather Taylor grew up in West Yorkshire, dreaming of the stage. Her interests lie within the world of theatre and books, which is how she ended up studying English Literature at Leeds University. It was there she got lost in her imagination and decided to pick up a pen to write for the first time, inspired by some of the great authors she studied.

She now lives in a small village called Allerton Bywater with her naughty, yet loveable rescue dog Scruffy. Heather is a full-time teacher and especially enjoys teaching creative writing classes. She can often be found frequenting the West End in London to enjoy a musical or enjoying her other great passion, which is football, supporting the mighty Leeds United.

   T.R. Lynch
    TR Lynch was born and raised in sunny, hot, Phoenix, Arizona with her incredible supportive partner of eleven years. She loves to read romance, science fiction, and vampire stories whenever time allows and has discovered a love for creative writing, dabbling in all three genres.
    When she’s not writing, spending time with her furbaby, Stetson, or cooking, she can be found, curled up spending endless hours binge-watching anything British on Netflix, and can’t get enough of Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead.
 K.L. Charlton
    K.L. originally comes from the small town of Consett, County Durham,  but now lives in Middlesbrough with her partner, Karen. She’s been an avid reader since discovering books in “infant school” and now reads everything from Vietnam War biographies to romance novels.
    When she’s not stuck in front of a laptop, K.L. spends her life as a qualified nurse, managing a dedicated team of women and men who dedicate their lives to others every day. Human nature is what makes her tick and she considers herself lucky to be in such a privileged position, caring for others.
    Since she was a teenager, K.L. has written everything, from poetry to plays and novels, though this is her first foray into real writing since qualifying as a nurse eleven years ago. Fill her full of caffeine and she’ll deliver anything you like! The spare time she has is spent indulging in cooking, family and a good film.
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams enlisted in the U. S. Air Force in 1972, graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 1978, then accepted a commission in 1980. She received a Master’s degree from Chapman College in 1983. She served on active duty 1972 - 1992. After retirement, she returned, with her son, to Michigan where she worked as a Veterans Service Officer. Vickie now lives with her partner and their menagerie in Ypsilanti MI. She is a member of the Glass City Literary Society and the writing academy, class of 2017-18.

Previous publications include short stories in Seducing the Virgin, UniformsEx, Skin Deep, Beginnings, Wilma Loves Betty, and Hot + Bothered anthologies.
Nikki Mears
Nikki Mears works as an Administrative Assistant at an insurance company. She started writing erotic stories based on her favorite TV show The L Word, and published them online.
Nikki is a single mom, and lives with her 13-year-old son near Brussels.

   Kristin Kennedy
    Kristin Kennedy served with distinction in the US Army as a soldier and special ops mercenary in forty-eight (48) countries.
    During her transitioning from being male to female, she does spiritual work for people of many faiths. She is with, a national outreach organization. Today she is a writer of transgender fiction.
Nancy Tyler Glenn
    Nancy Tyler Glenn was born in Los Angeles, California in 1938 to a lesbian mother and gay father. Of herself she says, “I spent my childhood reading, hiking, and bringing home stray kittens. I learned what I know about form and spiritual surfing at Instant Theatre from my mentor-tormentor, performance artist Rachel Rosenthal.
    Now retired, I have earned a living as a body worker, producer, researcher, bookkeeper, teacher, and a hundred other things. I have an uncommon love for horses, artists, and cats – especially the wild ones.”

Ocean Cocco
Ocean was born in Ruislip, England, grew up on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and currently lives in the charming harborside city of Portsmouth, NH with her partner Deb and two rescued Yorkshire Terriers, Sasha and Sammi. Their favorite vacation spots include Provincetown, Ma., Key West, Fl. -where she lived for several years, NYC, and any island where there’s sun and sand.
   While living in Boston, on a whim, she enrolled in writing and grammar classes at the Harvard Extension in Cambridge, Ma. and an immediate and powerful passion for the art of writing fiction was born. She has completed several romance novels and is looking forward to exploring other genres in the future.
   When she’s not working on a novel, Ocean is busy working as a private jet broker and real estate agent, volunteering at the SPCA or training for her next marathon
Ronni Meyrick
Ronni was born in Brighton but now lives in rural Oxfordshire with her wife Kay, and black cat Sheba, AKA Princess Diva. She’s been an avid reader since her youth, and could always be found with her head in a book.
   She is a coffee addict who is forever trying new brands. She loves to cook and loves discovering new recipes. Ronni also enjoys photography and can be found with her camera in hand. She has a keen interest in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, and Egyptology. (She knows she’s a bit of a geek)
   The urge to write came to her three years ago, while she was caring for her wife. She hasn’t stopped since and has just finished writing her eighth book. When she is not taking pictures, she is writing and no blank page is safe.
Barbara Dennis
  Barbara lives on the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio with her wife and well-loved pets. As a young woman, she enjoyed exploring nature and art, nurturing her talents in drawing, writing and graphic art.
   While in school she pursued undergraduate studies in Business with a concentration in Graphic Art. Her love of the outdoors led her to a career as an Operating Engineer, where she has the added bonus of working a job she loves, as well as enjoying the outdoors. In later life, Barbara continues to gain new ideas for her short stories and novellas.
   Her hobbies include traveling, reading, writing and nature photography. Cricket is her first published book where she writes about a woman’s journey through loss, and how she emerged triumphant.
Dawn Carter
    Originally from England, Dawn now lives in Texas with her two children. Dawn finds the relaxed atmosphere a wonderful place to pursue her love of writing.  
   When she is not working on a new novel, or creating the plot for her next book, she is gardening, cooking, reading, and volunteering her time as a Paralegal for Legal Aid, she is running a group she founded on Facebook, called "Lesbian Book Readers Club."
    Her interests in writing include poetry, short stories, novels, and journalistic feature writing.  
  Shiralyn J. Lee
    Shiralyn grew up in a small village in England. It was during her childhood that she realized her love for the written word.
    As an adult, she met and married her wife Janice, where they now live in the province of BC in Canada. This is where she wrote her first novel, Loving the Pink Kiss. Her inspiration came to her from the instant she met Janice. 
   When Shiralyn is not writing or spending quality time with her wife, she creates book illustrations and assists authors who wish to self-publish under her business name, girl4girl Publications. 
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